COVID-19 | Tips For Takeaways

***UPDATED – 28/03/2020***

Further retsrictions were announced last night, but the good news for takeaways is they remain classed as an ‘Essential Service’ <-LINK.

The Garda has requested that all takeaway workers (including delivery drivers) carry a letter signed by the owner that they are performing work as part of “Essential Business” on behalf of your takeaway. An example of such letter can be downloaded here

Contactless delivery (card orders & delivery only) is the safest and preferred way to operate. Collection and cash orders are still possible BUT ONLY when following government guidelines. We are likely to be living with physical distancing rules for a while yet.

Here are some tips to help you get through the current restrictions:


  • Ask drivers to wear single use disposable latex gloves for each delivery so there is no physical contact if the customer wants to pay by cash. Also more hygienic for the driver and customer
  • Consider going contactless and having card payments only. This will give consumers a little more confidence in the safety of your takeaway
  • ALWAYS read the receipts for any specific delivery instructions as some customers may just want their food left outside the door or nearby. In cases such as apartments just ring the customer and let them know the food is outside

You can run this in a number of ways. Here are the most popular so far:

  • “One customer at a time” policy. Do not allow more than one customer in the shop at any one time
  • Car Window Drop Off. Some restaurants are asking customers to wait in their cars and they bring the food out them. This could be used in conjunction with the “one customer at a time” policy
  • Hatch facility. Some takeaways are able to offer a window / hatch facility whereby food and business can be conducted through a portal with next to no contact. Some are using a ticket system for this
  • Use Social Distancing rules by asking customers not stand within 2 meters of each whilst waiting. We have materials below you can print off and use for this. The POSTER should be made clearly visible in the shop door at eye level. The FOOT MARKERS must be secured to the floor with some form of hard-wearing tape and each marker must be clear of the next marker by about 2 meters (measure up!)

PDFs are available for you to download and print to use in-store. Simply download and print.

A4 Poster (PDF) | Black & White

Foot Marker (PDF) | Black & White