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Marvin Customers Donate €17k to ICHH!

James Galvin (left) with Anthony Flynn of ICHH

Since its launch in 2015, Marvin has always had an awareness of the homeless issue developing in Irish society and hence why the ‘giveaway’ scheme was launched at the same time as the website.

The idea is that customers can donate some money at the end of the food ordering process, which can then be used to fund food to giveaway to those on the streets who are less fortunate than ourselves. This has been a great scheme to date, that has seen many ad-hoc food drives across Dublin, Cork, Limerick & Waterford – supporting a number of great charities along the way.

Marvin managing director James Galvin comments “2019 has seen record numbers of people made homeless in Ireland, and the situation is just getting worse. Marvin has decided that the current surplus of donations it currently holds should be given in one lump sum to one charity this Christmas, instead of being used for smaller food drives. We believe we can make a bigger impact this way in helping those who need assistance this Christmas”.

The donation made on behalf of Marvin customers is a total of €16,760 and has been given to the Inner City Helping Homeless Charity (ICHH), based in North Inner City Dublin

Galvin adds “ICHH are at the very front line of the current crisis. Marvin is proud to be a partner to this amazing charity, who were also recipients of the prestigious 2018 European Commission Citizen’s Prize in recognition of the great work they have been doing in that community. I’m certain our customers will be delighted to see their money being put to such great use”.

CEO of ICHH Cllr. Anthony Flynn comments:

“We are blown away by the amazing donation from our charity parnters in & their customers to us in ICHH. The initiative allowed customers to donate whilst ordering meals. This allows us to continue operating supports through the year and over the Christmas period. Christmas is a time for giving and as a non funded organization donations such as this are truly amazing. We sincerely thank everyone who donated and wish you all a Happy Christmas.”

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