SPOTLIGHT: Texas Fried Chicken

If you live in Crumlin you will undoubtedly know Texas Fried Chicken, in the very heart of the community at the shopping centre on Crumlin Road.

Unlike other big chain American style Chicken shops, we can guarantee the quality of flavour and ingredients here are the finger lickin’ real deal! We asked the owner Jackie to give us a few moments out of her busy day to tell us a little more about this South Dublin gem…

Hi Jackie, how long has Texas Fried Chicken been open in Crumlin now?
“We opened 30 years ago, and are proud to be part of the Crumlin community”

What would you say is Texas Fried Chicken’s biggest selling point that keeps your customers coming back?
“I believe it is because we use the freshest chicken, and of course my famous Chicken Gravy :)”

What would be the most popular dish?
“That would be our Super Chips or Family Meal Deal”

As you know, we always want to give more to our customers at Marvin, can you tell us what your exclusive offer with us is?
“Basically, ALL my meal deals are exclusive to Marvin”

Finally, do you have any funny stories that have happened in your takeaway that you would be happy to share with our readers?
“One day a customer asked if our chicken was Halal. A staff member whom I shall not name, quickly rushed to the back of the store to check the week’s roster. When she returned to the customer she told him that Halal was not back in work until Thursday”.

Ha ha – if we can call you betty, you can call us ‘Halal’!

If you are a big fan of great quality fried chicken and live nearby, you should definitely try them out TEXAS FRIED CHICKEN >>>