Why DIY Apps Fail to Deliver

Marvin managing director James Galvin talks about why DIY app services fail to deliver for independent takeaways…

It seems every man and his dog in the takeaway industry has their own app right now. In many ways this is a good thing. It means the industry recognises the need to be mobile focused, and engage with their customers in a more modern way than they’ve done previously. Embracing the ever-changing needs of customers is important. However, it also needs to be said that not all that glitters is gold, certainly not for the independent store owners. The reality is, consumers on average order from many different cuisine types. This means, they are unlikely to install and use a different app for every takeaway they order from. Who wants to browse through 20 different apps when you can just use one?

The belief some takeaways have that their own branded app will somehow ‘steal’ consumers away from marketplace businesses like ourselves, is unfortunately very flawed.

Consumers are the only group that matters. Without their custom, loyalty and support, your online endeavours will not be successful. These app companies are very quick to sell a dream about ‘owning your own customer’, but it is not reflective of what is actually happening in the market. You end up with an app that is competing with 50 other different apps, and no real marketing support to actually drive orders. The great thing about marketplaces like ours, is that we spend a serious amount of money on Google & Facebook advertising so you don’t have to. We do the heavy lifting. Not only that, we cover the cost of the discount vouchers and coupons we promote to win those customers for you. Does your branded app company do that?

If you’re an independent takeaway owner, you don’t need one of these branded apps, especially when our commission levels are pretty much the same. You just need a partner who will put their money where their mouth is and fight on your behalf.

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